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Style Wild meets OverDubClub

Totgesagte leben bekanntlich länger, so auch die vier Elemente. Bis auf das grafische Element sind heute auch alle vertreten und so soll's kein Blick zurück, sondern einer in die Zukunft werden, ohne dabei natürlich die Wurzeln zu vergessen. Los geht's mit den Streetdance-Battles in den Kategorien New Style/Hip Hop & Experimental. Danach geht es auf zwei Ebenen weiter. Etwas weniger ausgetreten dürften dabei die Pfade sein, welche wir gemeinsam mit dÉbruit betreten werden. Hip Hop und Beats, welche die Brücke zwischen L.A. Blockpartys, düster klingenden kongolesischen Soundsystems, Weed geschwängerten Studios in Kingston und geschäftigen Seitenstraßen in Tunesien schlagen. Verrückt der Typ, aber lest mehr über ihn im Interview weiter hinten. Auf Ebene zwei, sprich im Keller, macht's sich der OverDubClub gemütlich. Unvergessen die November Session, als aus Zuschauern und Zuhörern im Laufe des Abends gar Tänzer wurden und selbst Georgia Anne Muldrow und Declaime gerne einen Blick riskierten. Seid dabei, wenn an einem Tisch Beatmaker, MCs, Singer und DJs aufeinandertreffen und miteinander jammen.

Der Mann mit dem Accent über dem E hat mit "From the Horizon" die Brücke zwischen Hip Hop und Sounds aus Westafrika geschlagen. Grund genug ihn nicht nur einzuladen, sondern auch zu befragen um zu erfahren wie es dazu kam, was er sonst so im Leben treibt und wie es z.B. zu seinen doch recht interessanten Videos und Grafiken kommt. In unserem Interview mit dÉbruit!

The sound of your album "From the Horizon" is relating to west african music. How did it come?

Ok west africa influence was the start, but not to make african music with the influences, I got influences in noisy music, experimental, dub, punk funk. I think the album reflects that with the west african theme who drives through the tracks. Hip Hop isn't the whole thing, I think it is groove, black music in general and experiments in electronic music and genre melting.

We just read in another interview, that you started to play Basketball again? So did you get in contact with Hip Hop via the basketball court? And is there any player or team you favour at the moment?

Aaha yes, I did a lot of Bball and I'm back at it with less stamina, accuracy and jump, but some reflexes are intact. I heard a lot of Hip Hop through Bball vids, but at that time I was more Rock & Roll! I have to say I like the new Brooklyn team because of the history of Brooklyn not having a national sport team since the Dodgers, I like the Bulls too. When I was younger it was all about the Sonics, Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton, plus the name the Supersonics.

Have you ever been to the Juste Debout (dance festival) when you lived in Paris ?

I've never been but I know they use my tracks a lot, there are some vids of dancers with my music all over youtube, so I started connecting with the Kobo power guys since that and been in touch with a few other people in the past.When we are talking about music from western africa. is there any style you prefer or which you feel more linked to? Which artist everybody should listen to?
I listen to a lot of field recordings actually, so old folk/tribal music, then I like disco from Nigeria, the sound of the funkees, orchestre poly ritmo de Cotonou, all the psychedelic things and Fela (Kuti) of course too.

Did you only use samples for "From the Horizon", or did you also play some instruments?

I played some instruments and I sing on it too, though you might not be able to tell. I play Guitar on afro booty and talkbox, I sing on Ogene Udu etc... I also sampled records and myself.

Who is actually responsible for all of your graphics & videos?

It is the all mighty Rainbowmonkey!! I have a strong relation with his design and ideas. 
I think the visual side is important, I like films, I like design, architecture, visual art. I work with the rainbowmonkey for that and he understand the playful mysterious surprises in my music, he has a similar approach in his art.

How do you translate your album or your tracks into a live show?

More energy, key parts and improvistions in transitions, it's all possible. Surprises, hypnosis...

Whats your perfect environment (& time of the day) for producing?

During the day, I don't produce at night like a lot of people, I have a coffee, I go to the studio, read the news and if I'm working on an idea or a project I just play about for fun, see if anything interesting is comin out in the direction I've chosen before, sitting in front of the instruments.

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