DO. 18.01.07 DISCO TRAXX

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TRAXX (Nation, Gigolo, Crème Organization, Chicago) TINY (Idealfun, Dresden)

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Leider ist es DJ Rush aufgrund der katastrophalen Wettersituation heute nicht möglich nach Leipzig zu kommen. Als neuen Termin haben wir den 22.03.2007 vereinbart.

"I like to APOLOGIZE for not being able to make it to Leipzig tonight for a very special event with some very special people, you the fans and those who support me..... Due to the bad weather in Amsterdam and all around europe, most flights were canceled or delayed.... I wasn't able to leave Amsterdam.... Waiting at the airport I felt so bad. I was really looking forward to this event... Last year the disco night was a big success and for sure this one would have been better. Don't worry, I will do a special make up party in March at the same location....

Love you all and thanks so much for your understanding.....

PS. A sad Rushi..."

{{image:2502:not_found}}Wir konnten kurzfristig DJ Traxx (Gigolo Rec., Chicago) engagieren, der Euch heute anstelle von Rush durch den Abend begleiten wird.

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